Findom Humiliation - The most humiliating financial domination with bratty and bossy girls. - Page 32

Gorgeous Princess Raquel knows that you love her tits more than anything else in the world and she is going to make you pay to see them from now on. She knows that seeing gets your little dick hard and begging for release, but what is she getting from that? If you want to jerk off to her perfect tits, then you have to pay her for the privilege of looking.

Super sexy Kitty Devine is sick and tired of spending her own money to get pedicures and make her feet look as pretty as possible. Why should she be the one spending the money when it's you who are drooling over them and jerking your little cock while looking at them? From now on, you are going to be the one who pays for all of her expensive foot care.

Super sexy and skinny Sophia Smith loves a good meal and she's to let you watch her as she devours enough to feed a whole family. She is very skinny, so she needs to eat a lot to make sure she stays healthy and active. With every single bite, she leans over and gives you a very lovely view right down her bra so you can enjoy her lovely tits.

This gorgeous Mistress loves to play around with all of your hard earned money. Even though she's already taken it from you, she wants to humiliate you. She loves to shower her pretty little feet in your hard won cash just to show you how pathetic you are. The best part is that you're going to love every single second of it while you watch her toes and soles walk all over it.

This super sexy and deviant Mistress has had her way with you and taken all of your money to spend however she see fit and she's talking all about it. On the phone and behind your back, she loves to brag all about the pathetic little loser who gave her all of his money. She loves to tell her friend just how sad of a person he is while she counts his money.

Sexy and sultry Lisa Jordan has a delicious treat for her pathetic little cuckolded bitch and she's going to give it you while telling you all about it. She has just let a real man fuck her in every single one of her holes and she loved every second of it. Now, she has a condom full of his delicious cum and she wants you drink every last drop of it.

Sexy blonde Goddess Saffron knows that you want to touch every inch of her perfect little body, but she is never going to let you get close. In fact, she is going to torture you by forcing you to sit very still and watch her caress every inch of her perfect body without allowing you to even touch yourself, She knows you want to jerk off to her, but you don't deserve it.

Sexy and tattooed Mistress Harley has just given an amazing blowjob to a real man and she she let him cum all over her pretty face. Now she needs it cleaned off and you're just pathetic enough to do it for her. Follow her orders and lick that real man's cum off of her face and hands so she can go back to fucking him and actually feeling some real pleasure.

Sexy Lady Suzanne has found out that you wish to apply to be her sperm donor. In order to be considered, she must test your balls. First she will make you dip your balls into freezing cold water in order to test just how long you can keep them submerged. Then, you will be forced to dip them into hot water to make sure that your sperm is just the right consistency.

Sexy and dark Mistress Kat is the queen of domination and she knows it. What will she make you do for her today? How could you refuse? Simply put, you can't. She is the queen and you are her pathetic little subject. Your life is hers to do with as she please because is above you and better than you and you love every single second of being under her thumb.

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