Findom Humiliation - The most humiliating financial domination with bratty and bossy girls. - Page 32

Sexy and dominating Bratty Jamie knows that you will do anything she tells you just to see her perfect soles and adorable little toes up close. Nothing is too cruel for this woman as she orders you to perform painful task after painful task just so you can get another look at her pretty little feet. If you haven't considered setting your dick on fire before, you certainly will now.

Sexy and sultry Goddess, Inked Princess loves that you spend so much time working your ass off to make her money to spend. The doesn't appreciate it, because she knows that she deserves it, but she loves to spend it on herself. Maybe she'll go out tomorrow and buy some sexy underwear that she'll never let you see her in because you're just a pathetic loser who gives her cash.

Gorgeous Akara Fang knows how pathetic you are and she's not afraid to tell you all about while you whimper and beg for her attention. She is going to lead you down a path of self hatred that you will never return from and she is going to love every single second of it. What happens to you does not concern her because she knows that she is better than you.

This sexy blonde Goddess is going to tell you exactly what she thinks of you while you sit there and take it because you love her attention. You know that you spend all day fantasizing about her and waiting to be in her lovely presence, but your devotion makes her sick. She knows that you are not any kind of real man and she hos no problem with telling you that.

Sexy and sultry Lisa Jordan is wearing her hottest outfit today while she teases and edges you until you simply can't stand anymore. In her knee high boots and leather jacket, she's decided to leave almost nothing to the imagination. She has even traded in her bra for a little bit of tape over her nipples so she can make you sweat and squirm while you take in all of her beauty.

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