Findom Humiliation - The most humiliating financial domination with bratty and bossy girls. - Page 30

Sexy and blonde Mistress Harley deserves to be given every cent you've ever made and she has no problem at all with telling you that. You are pathetic and a loser and are too stupid to spend your money wisely, anyway. Let her take it so she can spend it on important things like shoes and condoms so she can fuck real men while you sit at home, broke and alone.

Sexy and bratty Lizz La Reign has noticed that you love to watch her blackmail videos over and over, but have never sent her your information. She knows that she deserves everything you have because she is attractive and you are a pathetic loser. You watch her videos, but you never participate. It is time for that to change. She wants to blackmail you and know that you want it, too.

This sexy and dark hard femdom is going to hypnotize you into begging her to take every single cent that you have ever earned while she laughs. She will make you beg and grovel at her pretty feet while you ask her to take your money and spend it all on herself. You will be broke and alone afterward, but she will be be having a great time without you.

Super sexy and domineering Princess Cera is going to get you nice and drunk so she can tell you all about how she is about to take advantage of you. She may pause to make you worship her feet or massage her ass, but her main goal is to tell you about all of her schemes just so you can forget about them by tomorrow morning when you wake up with a hangover.

Super sexy and blonde Jamie is wearing a pair of expensive sneakers that you have bought her and she wants to show you how dirty they are. You spent a lot of money on them, but she doesn't feel like taking care of them and she wants you to know all about it. She'll destroy them very soon and make you buy her a brand new pair and you'll do it.

Super sexy and young Princess Melena has come to collect all of the money that you've earned for her and you had better pay up right now, paypig. You know that you only earn money to give to her, so why haven't you made any deliveries lately? She needs your money to spend on dates will real men while you slave away at your job just make her a happy girl.

Sophia walks into the boss's office only to realize he isn't there. As she looks down on the desk, she sees something quite unusual: his cell phone. Sophia picks up and takes a look around his phone only to find some very incriminating pictures stored on it. What's a girl to do but copy the files and blackmail her unsuspecting for every single penny that he happens to be worth?

Gorgeous Princess Raquel knows that you love her tits more than anything else in the world and she is going to make you pay to see them from now on. She knows that seeing gets your little dick hard and begging for release, but what is she getting from that? If you want to jerk off to her perfect tits, then you have to pay her for the privilege of looking.

Super sexy Kitty Devine is sick and tired of spending her own money to get pedicures and make her feet look as pretty as possible. Why should she be the one spending the money when it's you who are drooling over them and jerking your little cock while looking at them? From now on, you are going to be the one who pays for all of her expensive foot care.

Super sexy and skinny Sophia Smith loves a good meal and she's to let you watch her as she devours enough to feed a whole family. She is very skinny, so she needs to eat a lot to make sure she stays healthy and active. With every single bite, she leans over and gives you a very lovely view right down her bra so you can enjoy her lovely tits.

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