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Sexy brunette mistress wants you to watch her videos and fulfill all her tasks for her amusement. They may be useless tasks but they are tough and she wants to make sure you actually did them, so she demands proof from you! She needs entertainment and if you aren't good enough for her then she can easily move on to other forms of entertainment in other men! You are only a toy for her.

Mistress Akara realized that the best way to make money is to look for low esteem guys and make money off them. The trick was to motivate them just enough so they could make money and then control how they spend it and how a portion of it ends up in your pockets. This mistress is not only hot, but she is naughty and sexy and loves to tease her slaves. And it never fails to work.

Lisa Jordan has sex appeal galore. She the moves, the looks, the curves and dresses the part. These are her biggest assets and she uses them to make money. She likes to give time to some paypigs and show them her moves and they in turn pay for that time. She makes them pay and feel good that they paid her. They do not feel exploited at all by her.

Goddess Demonia can be a demon at times. She knows her slave's weaknesses and she exploits it whenever she wants cash. She loves how easy it is to get cash from them. They are her ATM sort of. But she is a responsible mistress and does not abuse it. She does it when necessary and she saves the excess money she gets so that she is not needy all the time.

Lady Suzanne is a hot mistress who likes to use her hot looks to humiliate guys. Unlike many mistresses, she does not just humiliate slaves. Actually, she does not like humiliating slaves. She humiliates hot guys and guys who think they are macho. She gives herself a challenge and she goes out and makes it happen. Today she used her sex appeal to make this guy stick a dildo up his ass.

Sophia walks into the boss's office only to realize he isn't there. As she looks down on the desk, she sees something quite unusual: his cell phone. Sophia picks up and takes a look around his phone only to find some very incriminating pictures stored on it. What's a girl to do but copy the files and blackmail her unsuspecting for every single penny that he happens to be worth?

This gorgeous Mistress loves to play around with all of your hard earned money. Even though she's already taken it from you, she wants to humiliate you. She loves to shower her pretty little feet in your hard won cash just to show you how pathetic you are. The best part is that you're going to love every single second of it while you watch her toes and soles walk all over it.

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