Findom Humiliation - The most humiliating financial domination with bratty and bossy girls. - Page 28

Sexy and tattooed Mistress Harley has just given an amazing blowjob to a real man and she she let him cum all over her pretty face. Now she needs it cleaned off and you're just pathetic enough to do it for her. Follow her orders and lick that real man's cum off of her face and hands so she can go back to fucking him and actually feeling some real pleasure.

Sexy Lady Suzanne has found out that you wish to apply to be her sperm donor. In order to be considered, she must test your balls. First she will make you dip your balls into freezing cold water in order to test just how long you can keep them submerged. Then, you will be forced to dip them into hot water to make sure that your sperm is just the right consistency.

Sexy and dark Mistress Kat is the queen of domination and she knows it. What will she make you do for her today? How could you refuse? Simply put, you can't. She is the queen and you are her pathetic little subject. Your life is hers to do with as she please because is above you and better than you and you love every single second of being under her thumb.

Super sexy Miss Taylor needs your money and she's going to offer you a service in order to take all of it from you and you're going to agree. Each and every single time that you want to lick her perfect little feet, she is going to charge you a high fee. You can take her offer or you can decline, but she won't care either way. you bore her.

Sexy and domineering Lizz La Reign knows all about you and she is going to use it to her advantage as she blackmails you with information. She knows every pathetic little thing you've ever done and she has no problem with using it against you to get exactly what she wants. You can never really tell if she will relent if you give in, but you don't have much of a choice.

This gorgeous femdom has not problem with crawling inside your brain and controlling your actions with the simple sound of her voice. Your mind will get fuzzy and mushy as her words penetrate your head and make you question just what it means to have free will. She will control and guide you until she gets bored and moves on to someone else. What will you give up for this Mistress?

Sexy and dominating Bratty Jamie knows that you will do anything she tells you just to see her perfect soles and adorable little toes up close. Nothing is too cruel for this woman as she orders you to perform painful task after painful task just so you can get another look at her pretty little feet. If you haven't considered setting your dick on fire before, you certainly will now.

Sexy and sultry Goddess, Inked Princess loves that you spend so much time working your ass off to make her money to spend. The doesn't appreciate it, because she knows that she deserves it, but she loves to spend it on herself. Maybe she'll go out tomorrow and buy some sexy underwear that she'll never let you see her in because you're just a pathetic loser who gives her cash.

Gorgeous Akara Fang knows how pathetic you are and she's not afraid to tell you all about while you whimper and beg for her attention. She is going to lead you down a path of self hatred that you will never return from and she is going to love every single second of it. What happens to you does not concern her because she knows that she is better than you.

This sexy blonde Goddess is going to tell you exactly what she thinks of you while you sit there and take it because you love her attention. You know that you spend all day fantasizing about her and waiting to be in her lovely presence, but your devotion makes her sick. She knows that you are not any kind of real man and she hos no problem with telling you that.

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