Findom Humiliation - The most humiliating financial domination with bratty and bossy girls. - Page 24

Mistress Sophia is talented at flirting and teasing. She heard one of those motivational speakers talk about cashing in on what you love and she decided to make cash from her love of flirting and teasing. She took her skills online and slowly, she started seeing the fruits. Some guys would pay to watch her and some to masturbate to what they saw. Some girls paid so as to learn the skills.

Princess Cera has gorgeous tits and many people ogle at them whenever she walks on the streets. She was in a financial crisis and wanted to find out whether they could bail her out. But she did not want to give out her cookie in the process. So she looked for losers who were starved and made them masturbate to her hot pics and moves and they gave her money for it.

Mistress Harley is a badass mistress. She had gone and learned about verbal humiliation and she was putting her new skills to test today. She wanted to make sure that she became the best at verbal domination and humiliation so she got a slave and tested her skills on him. They worked well and she humiliated and tortured the guy better than any physical torture would have ever done to him.

Goddess Saffron is not after financial humiliation today. She is after having some fun. She had a long week and is looking to have a great time and forget some of the things that happened. And she wants you to be the source of her fun. She wants you to do all you can and what she tells you. First of all you have to undress and dance for her before you play with yourself.

Goddess Demonia can be a demon at times. She knows her slave's weaknesses and she exploits it whenever she wants cash. She loves how easy it is to get cash from them. They are her ATM sort of. But she is a responsible mistress and does not abuse it. She does it when necessary and she saves the excess money she gets so that she is not needy all the time.

Lizz La Reign is a mistress on a mission. She saw a great house she wants to buy but she wants most of the money to come from slaves. She plans to use her money to buy a brand new luxury car. So she went back to her money slaves and used her sex appeal as well as her flirting and teasing prowess coupled with a little cajoling and blackmailing to get the money slaves to finance her.

Miss Taylor loves to financially dominate her slaves. She loves the fact that they are losers and she is doing them a favor and they are indebted to her. She takes advantage of this and makes these losers bankroll her. And she has no apologies about it. She has expensive tastes and the money has got to come from somewhere. In her case, it has to come from her money slaves.

Lady Suzanne is a hot mistress who likes to use her hot looks to humiliate guys. Unlike many mistresses, she does not just humiliate slaves. Actually, she does not like humiliating slaves. She humiliates hot guys and guys who think they are macho. She gives herself a challenge and she goes out and makes it happen. Today she used her sex appeal to make this guy stick a dildo up his ass.

Sophia Stone was at home when she realized that she had not punished her slave the way she was meant to. She did not have anything better to do so she called her slave and humiliated him. She did it slowly because she did not have anywhere to go or anything to do. She took her time to make sure he was as humiliated as he could possibly be. Then she let him go.

While others mistresses give sex for money, this mistress does not go that far. She has a hot body and knows how to seduce and flirt. And she uses these two weapons to have fun with her pay slaves. She financially humiliates them and makes them do what she wants them to do. She has fun at their expense but makes them believe they are having fun with her. And she also makes them give her money.

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