Findom Humiliation - The most humiliating financial domination with bratty and bossy girls. - Page 18

This mistress had not paid rent. She had the money but she did not want to use her money for such expenses. Those were reserved for her pay pigs. She wore her hot pants and she video called them. She spent a good part of the day with them and by the end of it, she had enough money to pay for several months rent plus do some shopping for the house.

Mistress Lizz La Reign knows that her money slaves had been paid and now she wanted to be paid herself. So she made them watch as she entertained them. When she was done teasing them and turning them on, she made them jerk off and now it was her turn to be entertained by them. The best way to entertain her is to pay her and that is what they did.

Goddess Saffron has amazing tits. She knows guys cannot get enough of her tits and she loves to use them coupled with her nice ass, she knows few guys can resist her. So she takes advantage of it to degrade and humiliate them financially. That is what she did to this loser and she got more money from him than she hoped was possible. She had a good day in the office of findom.

Mistress Lisa Jordan has an amazing body and she knows these guys can give anything just to have fun with her. But she does not let them touch her. She only aids them to have fun with themselves. She also gives them jerk off instructions when they want or when she feels like. But teasing them using her tits as well as her nice ass is usually enough before she financially humiliates them.

This mistress is accustomed to a certain lifestyle. She loves having fun and going to exotic places. She loves a good life and it is all thanks to her paypigs. She knows each one of them so well that whenever she wants to dominate them financially, she is able to do it without much hassle. She is so good at it that she has a fat bank account and her friends envy her.

Mistress Lizz La Reign knows how to take advantage of guys and to humiliate them financially. She uses her mind fucking powers to do it and she is so good at it that they never see it coming. She gets to make a lot of money that way and she has fun at their expense. Today she found out that this guy was loaded so she used her powers on him and she got to laugh all the way to the bank.

Goddess Saffron is a naughty mistress. She is the kind of mistress that loves to make money off of pay slaves and guys who she can blackmail. She wanted to blackmail this guy because of what she had learned about him. She had learned that he had a small dick and she teased him and humiliated him. She blackmailed him and go to financially dominate him. She then gave him jerk off instructions.

Mistress Lisa Jordan has a body to die for. And what is better than her body is the way she is naughty and loves teasing and flirting. When combined with her sexy body and beautiful self, it is a lethal combination that many guys cannot resist. And being smart, she likes using it to financially humiliate guys and by the time she is done with them, most of them do not know what hit them.

Mistress Bratty has a great ass and she enjoys doing what she loves most which is to make money. She loves making it while having fun so today she teased this guy and she financially humiliated him. She told him her time was valuable and he had to pay to be with a hot and sexy mistress as her. He did not mind because she is hot and he rarely scores hot women.

Lizz La Reign knew that this guy was loaded and she wanted to financially dominate him. She knew he had a thing for him and she did not mind teasing him a bit in order to achieve her aim. She has great tits and a lovely ass which she used to turn him on and brainwash him. She finally dominated him financially before she let him go after pretending she was not feeling well.

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