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Mistress Harley wanted a new car and she forced this loser to buy her one. She used her charm and she flirted with him and teased him till she got him to a point where she could tell him anything and he could do it. He was under her spell and she used it to get herself the new car that she wanted and had been dreaming about for a long time.

The gorgeous and petite Sofia Smith is going to let you look at every inch of her feet while she shoves them right into your face for your viewing pleasure. She knows that you love everything about her feet, from how her toes look to the swell of her soles and even how much they smell. You are in for a treat as she treats you to the show of a lifetime.

Princess Cera has gorgeous tits and many people ogle at them whenever she walks on the streets. She was in a financial crisis and wanted to find out whether they could bail her out. But she did not want to give out her cookie in the process. So she looked for losers who were starved and made them masturbate to her hot pics and moves and they gave her money for it.

Lizz La Reign is a mistress on a mission. She saw a great house she wants to buy but she wants most of the money to come from slaves. She plans to use her money to buy a brand new luxury car. So she went back to her money slaves and used her sex appeal as well as her flirting and teasing prowess coupled with a little cajoling and blackmailing to get the money slaves to finance her.

Domina Sauron is a hot mistress. She has awesome tits and a pretty face. But she is also kinky and weird. This is all good until there is something she wants you to do and you do not do it. She then becomes cruel. Today she was telling her slave what she wanted him to do and she wanted him to lick the soles of her shoes and to lick her feet as well.

Gorgeous blonde, Sophia Smith, has something to show you and you're going to love it. She has just gotten some new pantyhose and she wants to show them off. She wants you to watch as she slips her delicate feet into the sheer lingerie and slides them all of the way up her legs to her thighs. They feel great on her and she loves the way they make her look.

Super sexy Kitty Devine is sick and tired of spending her own money to get pedicures and make her feet look as pretty as possible. Why should she be the one spending the money when it's you who are drooling over them and jerking your little cock while looking at them? From now on, you are going to be the one who pays for all of her expensive foot care.

This gorgeous Mistress loves to play around with all of your hard earned money. Even though she's already taken it from you, she wants to humiliate you. She loves to shower her pretty little feet in your hard won cash just to show you how pathetic you are. The best part is that you're going to love every single second of it while you watch her toes and soles walk all over it.

Super sexy Miss Taylor needs your money and she's going to offer you a service in order to take all of it from you and you're going to agree. Each and every single time that you want to lick her perfect little feet, she is going to charge you a high fee. You can take her offer or you can decline, but she won't care either way. you bore her.

Sexy and dominating Bratty Jamie knows that you will do anything she tells you just to see her perfect soles and adorable little toes up close. Nothing is too cruel for this woman as she orders you to perform painful task after painful task just so you can get another look at her pretty little feet. If you haven't considered setting your dick on fire before, you certainly will now.

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