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Sophia might get off on humiliating her slaves, but she is still extremely sexy when she does it. She makes this slave lie back with his head on the bed and she starts facesitting on him. She puts her high heels on his shoulders and rubs her pussy right in his face. She pushes down hard with her full weight crushing his face and smothering him while he fights for air under her ass.

Being Bratty Jamie's roommate means that you have a unique POV of what makes her as hot as she is. She seems oblivious that she is turning you on as she tries on different outfits trying to decide which one to wear when she goes out. She shows you her red high heels and fishnet stockings before she slips them on her beautiful bare legs. What a tease she is.

Lizz La Reign should have a degree in teasing because she is very good at it. She is so good at it, in fact, that she even talks about making your ugly wife her slavemeat. It's not enough that you are her slave. You are too easy. She verbally humiliates you giving you jerk off instruction. She shows you her bedazzled high heel shoes and wants you to worship them.

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