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This mistress wanted to make a very large purchase. She knew that she had to do something she had never done before if she was to make the kind of money she wanted to make from her pay slave. She teased the paypig and she even touched his dick, something she had never done before. She teased him naughtily and masturbated in front of him. He was so turned on he did not notice how she took advantage of him financially.

Lady Suzanne knows that you dream of the day when you can take a full load of hot, sticky cum into your mouth and swallow it all down without hesitation. She is going to do something very nice for you and slowly teach you to love the taste of cum on your lips and covering your tongue. She is going to guide you through a slow jerk until you shoot your own load into your hand and taste everything you made for her.

This sexy and blonde femdom knows all about your secret jerk off sessions when you make yourself cum to the thought of taking a cock into your mouth. There's nothing at all wrong with a sad little man fantasizing about being used for the pleasure of a real man's thick, throbbing fuck stick. She knows that the best use for you is to keep her dildo nice and moist before she shoves it inot your asshole.

Princess Raquel knows that you've been backed up for a few days so she's seriously considering letting you jerk your little cock to her. Unfortunately for you, she never knows whether or not she'll be in the mood to let you finally get off. Maybe she'll just decide to get you so worked up that you practically beg her to let you cum, only to tell you to put it right back into your pants.

Gorgeous redhead Inked Princess knows that the power she holds over you turns you on. She knows that you want to jerk off to her every day. Since you've been good, she's going to let you finally cum to her. She is going to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. Remember that she is allowing you to do this, so you should be thanking her.

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