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This mistress loves to use paypigs to make money. But she also likes combining her findom skills with a bit of hypnosis and that way, she is able to brain fuck her paypigs and get them to do whatever it is that she wants as well as get them to give her money. But she uses hypnosis sparingly and especially when she wants to make a very expensive purchase and needs cash from them.

Sexy and dark Lisa Jordan knows that you are addicted to her and that there is nothing you can do about it. You may wish to be out from under her, but you can't leave. You are her slave and you will be devoted to her for all time. You know you don't deserve her, but you need to be in her presence all of the time. You are pathetic.

This sexy and dark hard femdom is going to hypnotize you into begging her to take every single cent that you have ever earned while she laughs. She will make you beg and grovel at her pretty feet while you ask her to take your money and spend it all on herself. You will be broke and alone afterward, but she will be be having a great time without you.

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