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Mistress Lizz La Reign knows how to use her paypigs to make money for herself. She loves using her hot body to tease them and make them horny. She knows when she does that, they cannot think properly and she can take advantage and humiliate them financially. Today she made them pay for her vacation, telling them she will come back refreshed and would entertain them better. They bought it.

This mistress knows that her money slaves are sexually starved. She knows how to take advantage of them for her own gain but in the process makes them believe she cares about them. Today she teased them and made them jerk off to her instructions as well as to her naughty and kinky moves. Shen then got them brainwashed and had them give her money and it was good money.

Mistress Harley is a hot tattooed mistress. She loves being a bad bitch because she knows guys dig it. And she takes advantage of that fact to humiliate and dominate them. She likes to make sure that she has total control over their minds and brainwashes the so that as they enjoy her show, they also open their wallet to her and shower her with money that helps her to maintain her lifestyle.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a kinky mistress and she discovered that the best way for her to make good money was to do what she loved which in her case was being a kinky mistress. So she got losers and entertained them with her sexy and spankable ass and perfect tits. She put on a show for them and would give them jerk off instructions. In return, the guys would pay for her time.

Mistress Sophia wanted her pay slaves to give her money to go for a vacation. So she put everything she had into her act. She showed off her big tits and even set off a competition among them to see who would give her the most amount of money and in exchange, she would allow him to be with her up close as she did her thing instead of the web cam.

Goddess Saffron was in a good mood and wanted to test her new seduction techniques on her pigs. She summoned them and she teased them on camera. She showed off her huge tits and she talked dirty to them. She enjoyed seeing how hot and bothered they were and when they could not hold it any longer, she gave them jerk off instructions and got them to cum as hard as they did.

Mistress Lizz La Reign loves playing with herself. But today she was not doing it for herself. She was doing for her paypigs. They had been good to her the previous month and had showered her with many gifts and she wanted to reward them. So she played with herself as they watched. Others tried to brave it while others masturbated to the sexy sight of her playing with herself.

This mistress loves to use paypigs to make money. But she also likes combining her findom skills with a bit of hypnosis and that way, she is able to brain fuck her paypigs and get them to do whatever it is that she wants as well as get them to give her money. But she uses hypnosis sparingly and especially when she wants to make a very expensive purchase and needs cash from them.

This mistress was not joking. She does not like it when her paypigs do not toe the line and do as she wants. They did not make enough money for themselves and for her this quarter and she wanted to motivate them. She made him know they would not get to see sexy and teasing moves like what she was showing them now if they did not work hard. She also told them she would punish anyone who did not make good money.

Mistress Lisa Jordan has a body to die for. She loves to use her body to tease and flirt and she has some of the most loyal and dedicated money slaves. That is because she is adventurous and likes to pull off crazy stunts for them. And in return, they appreciate her well with their money and it is always well worth the effort for them. They wanted a show today and she used her ass to put on one for them. She teased them with her ass and her asshole.

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