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This mistress was not joking. She does not like it when her paypigs do not toe the line and do as she wants. They did not make enough money for themselves and for her this quarter and she wanted to motivate them. She made him know they would not get to see sexy and teasing moves like what she was showing them now if they did not work hard. She also told them she would punish anyone who did not make good money.

Mistress Lisa Jordan has a body to die for. She loves to use her body to tease and flirt and she has some of the most loyal and dedicated money slaves. That is because she is adventurous and likes to pull off crazy stunts for them. And in return, they appreciate her well with their money and it is always well worth the effort for them. They wanted a show today and she used her ass to put on one for them. She teased them with her ass and her asshole.

Mistress Sophia Stone wanted to help out her friend so she tutored her on how to pull off the findom fetish. She showed her how to flirt with slaves and how to talk to them in order to get them to do what she wants. It was exciting for her to learn it and mistress Sophia encouraged her to put a lot of effort into it because it pays well when done right and with the right money slaves.

Goddess Saffron loves her financial slaves. She loves how they adore her and are willing to do anything she asks them to do. Today she did not want to humiliate them financially and take their money. She wanted to reward them for being great money slaves so she put on a show for them and flirted for them. She did not ask anything of them in return. She just wanted them to enjoy it.

Princess Raquel knows that you've been backed up for a few days so she's seriously considering letting you jerk your little cock to her. Unfortunately for you, she never knows whether or not she'll be in the mood to let you finally get off. Maybe she'll just decide to get you so worked up that you practically beg her to let you cum, only to tell you to put it right back into your pants.

This femdom knows that you have a really tiny cock and she is going to make sure that you know it as well by screaming it into your face while you nod your head. She is going to sit right there in her stairs and tell you exactly how small it is and she isn't even going to get dressed up for it because you are simply not worth it.

Lisa Jordan is as sexy as they come. She has a great body and she also has a sexy spirit to boot. She loves to flirt and tease and her money slaves love her for it. She has a crazy spirit and she does awesome things for her slaves. The slaves love it and end up paying her a lot of money just for her to stick around with them and to continue doing doing what she does.

Goddess Saffron is not like other findom mistresses. For her, it is all about sex appeal. She does not punish or humiliate her slaves, but she appeals to their sexual desires with her teasing prowess and makes them want her and still she teases and denies them. Because they still think they might score one day, the always shower her with money and expensive gifts, which she loves to accept.

Mistress Akara realized that the best way to make money is to look for low esteem guys and make money off them. The trick was to motivate them just enough so they could make money and then control how they spend it and how a portion of it ends up in your pockets. This mistress is not only hot, but she is naughty and sexy and loves to tease her slaves. And it never fails to work.

Mistress Lizz La Reign is as hot as they come. But beyond her hot looks, she is very naughty and very cunning. She knows how to get her way in almost any kind of situation. And that is what makes her a very good findom queen. She likes to tease and give instructions to her money slaves and in turn they like to appreciate her with money. Lots of money.

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