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Smoking hot brunette Domina Sauron likes to dominate men, but she also gets off on dominating female slaves as well. This beautiful female submissive crawls to her mistress in a tight and revealing black outfit and starts licking her high heel boots. This hot foot worship goes on for a while because the female slave clearly loves polishing the boots of Domina Sauron with her tongue and makes sure they are completely clean.

The sexy round ass on Lisa Jordan might as well be an ATM because money starts flowing when she teases you with it. This financial domination becomes easy when she sticks her big ass in your face and you want to throw your money at her when she takes her bottoms off. Her naked ass is enough to make anyone give up their life savings just to get a peek.

You will submit to Sophia Stone and you will be her pet because you have no choice. She puts you in a trance with her big tits barely covered by her lingerie. She doesn't have to show you much to make you her slave. She bends over with her big round ass in your face and she completely owns your mind. This POV makes it easy to see why she has so many slaves.

Mistress Sophia is talented at flirting and teasing. She heard one of those motivational speakers talk about cashing in on what you love and she decided to make cash from her love of flirting and teasing. She took her skills online and slowly, she started seeing the fruits. Some guys would pay to watch her and some to masturbate to what they saw. Some girls paid so as to learn the skills.

Lizz La Reign is a mistress on a mission. She saw a great house she wants to buy but she wants most of the money to come from slaves. She plans to use her money to buy a brand new luxury car. So she went back to her money slaves and used her sex appeal as well as her flirting and teasing prowess coupled with a little cajoling and blackmailing to get the money slaves to finance her.

Sexy and dark Lisa Jordan knows that you are addicted to her and that there is nothing you can do about it. You may wish to be out from under her, but you can't leave. You are her slave and you will be devoted to her for all time. You know you don't deserve her, but you need to be in her presence all of the time. You are pathetic.

Sexy brunette, Akara Fang has chosen you to mindlessly worship her feet while she verbally abuses you and tell you just how pathetic you are. You will be expected to love every inch of her delicate feet as she spreads her cute toes apart and let your wonder what her soft soles would feel like against your skin. She knows that you are just a big enough loser to love every second.

Sexy and dark Queen Aston is going to show you what it's like to be blackmailed and dominated by a real woman and you're going to love it. You know you jerki off to the thought of being controlled by a powerful woman because you're so weak and pathetic that you could never imagine it any other way. Let her guide you through the process of tasking over your life.

Super sexy and young Princess Melena has come to collect all of the money that you've earned for her and you had better pay up right now, paypig. You know that you only earn money to give to her, so why haven't you made any deliveries lately? She needs your money to spend on dates will real men while you slave away at your job just make her a happy girl.

Gorgeous Princess Raquel knows that you love her tits more than anything else in the world and she is going to make you pay to see them from now on. She knows that seeing gets your little dick hard and begging for release, but what is she getting from that? If you want to jerk off to her perfect tits, then you have to pay her for the privilege of looking.

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