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Princess Cera gives you a reality check and lets you know who is in charge. It is always her, especially when she is dressed this sexy in that position. You look in her eyes and you are mindfucked and want to give her all your cash. If you want a good time with Princess Cera you need to pay up. Giving you an erection so you can jerk off is not cheap.

Bratty jamie takes a request from a fan and runs with it. He wanted verbal humiliation and to be degraded by a beautiful woman and that is exactly what she does. She has a way with words and all of those words are used to dominate and humiliate the viewer as she calls you a loser and talks about what a small cock you have and how you will never be good enough for her.

You will submit to Sophia Stone and you will be her pet because you have no choice. She puts you in a trance with her big tits barely covered by her lingerie. She doesn't have to show you much to make you her slave. She bends over with her big round ass in your face and she completely owns your mind. This POV makes it easy to see why she has so many slaves.

Princess Raquel has something she wants you to do and she knows that it will be easy for you. She wants you to stroke your cock and she knows it will not take long because she is teasing you with her luscious young lips. She subjects you to verbal humiliation because she knows how much she turns you on. You will take any punishment she dishes out as long as she pays attention to you.

This beautiful blonde tattooed babe sits at her computer making money because losers like you will submit to her financial domination even though she verbally humiliates you. You had the nerve to ask something of her so she insults you, yells at you and flips you off. She shows that she doesn't give a fuck about you and she is only here to take your money and leave you broke.

The moment that you see Akara Fang on screen with her sexy lingerie it makes you want to get an erection, but you are not allowed. Her specialty is making men want to have an erection, but not letting them have one. She teases you by pulling her panties down but she won't let you see everything. This mind fuck turns you into her submissive slave who will do whatever she says.

Lisa Jordan has sex appeal galore. She the moves, the looks, the curves and dresses the part. These are her biggest assets and she uses them to make money. She likes to give time to some paypigs and show them her moves and they in turn pay for that time. She makes them pay and feel good that they paid her. They do not feel exploited at all by her.

Mistress Harley loves tattoos all over her body because they make her look scary. And if you are in the business of financial domination, you know that being scary is a good thing because the money slaves have to fear you. If they don't they will not respect or honor your orders. But she combines the fear with being good at it and this helps her make lots of cash.

Mistress Sophia is talented at flirting and teasing. She heard one of those motivational speakers talk about cashing in on what you love and she decided to make cash from her love of flirting and teasing. She took her skills online and slowly, she started seeing the fruits. Some guys would pay to watch her and some to masturbate to what they saw. Some girls paid so as to learn the skills.

Mistress Harley is a badass mistress. She had gone and learned about verbal humiliation and she was putting her new skills to test today. She wanted to make sure that she became the best at verbal domination and humiliation so she got a slave and tested her skills on him. They worked well and she humiliated and tortured the guy better than any physical torture would have ever done to him.

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