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Mistress Sophia is talented at flirting and teasing. She heard one of those motivational speakers talk about cashing in on what you love and she decided to make cash from her love of flirting and teasing. She took her skills online and slowly, she started seeing the fruits. Some guys would pay to watch her and some to masturbate to what they saw. Some girls paid so as to learn the skills.

Goddess Demonia can be a demon at times. She knows her slave's weaknesses and she exploits it whenever she wants cash. She loves how easy it is to get cash from them. They are her ATM sort of. But she is a responsible mistress and does not abuse it. She does it when necessary and she saves the excess money she gets so that she is not needy all the time.

Miss Taylor loves to financially dominate her slaves. She loves the fact that they are losers and she is doing them a favor and they are indebted to her. She takes advantage of this and makes these losers bankroll her. And she has no apologies about it. She has expensive tastes and the money has got to come from somewhere. In her case, it has to come from her money slaves.

Sophia Stone was at home when she realized that she had not punished her slave the way she was meant to. She did not have anything better to do so she called her slave and humiliated him. She did it slowly because she did not have anywhere to go or anything to do. She took her time to make sure he was as humiliated as he could possibly be. Then she let him go.

This mistress loves two things. One is humiliating losers and slaves and the other one is money. She loves to humiliate slaves and losers such as this one. She likes to get them naked and do whatever comes to her mind with them. The only way they can get out of it is to pay her. And that is how she makes money. This guy paid her lots of cash to let her go.

This mistress has an ass to die for. But she likes to use it for two things. First, she likes to use it to humiliate her slaves. She likes to either facesit on them with it if they are not cooperating with her. She also uses it to get them horny and have them masturbate or do whatever self humiliation she wants them to do. And secondly she also uses it for financial humiliation from pay slaves.

This mistress does not like to harm her slaves. She likes to have fun at their expense. She makes them do crazy shit to themselves for her entertainment. She likes to give them instructions and to make fun of them at times. She also likes to give them devices to use in the self humiliation such as this dildo she gave to this slave to suck and insert in his ass.

Mistress Harley is your loving wife and You have come home early from work and catch her changing into a sexy outfit. She has a confession for you: Shes going out on a date. You knew this was coming, you haven't had sex in months, and your cock is too small to ever satisfy a wife as gorgeous as her. You know she only married you for your big wallet.

Cruel Morgan wants you down on your knees while she orders you to open up your wallet and give her every credit card you have stored inside. She will max them all out while you whine and beg her to stop. She will make you lick the bottom of her shoes as she drains every cent you have from your bank account and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Sexy and dark Queen Aston is going to show you what it's like to be blackmailed and dominated by a real woman and you're going to love it. You know you jerki off to the thought of being controlled by a powerful woman because you're so weak and pathetic that you could never imagine it any other way. Let her guide you through the process of tasking over your life.

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